Saturday, November 27, 2010

.....I am CHOSEN....

When I recieve the lettter, anxiety was written all over my face! I slowly open and read this word--                          "Congratulation you are chosen..."

WOW, after all this DSA stuff i finally got into a Science and Technology school as i LOVE to interact with robots and high-tech machine and so on...
I was as exhilarated as the four penguins as shown in the picture.

Blogging.... :)

Blogging..... It is actually as simple as me writing what i am thinking on my diary.
Need not take too much time to type all this..It is a good thing to have a blog as we could communicate to each other not using our phones like nowadays.It is also free to use and when someone is sick, they coulod just open their blog and ask people through there. :)